Sun, sea, sand and splash

The sun has finally made an appearance in Margate for long enough for us to actually get out and about and enjoy it. This weekend has been a blissful Summery couple of days and I have thoroughly enjoyed catching the sun and spending time watching my kids have fun. It’s felt like a bit of a long week as it often does when it is hot and the kids are at school. It’s definitely more difficult to enjoy the rare nice weather if you are doing the school run and lugging book bags and lunchboxes everywhere you go. So, I really appreciated that the sun lasted into the weekend and let us throw mealtimes and bedtimes out the window for a couple of days.

Thurston has definitely found the heat a bit of a struggle and has been napping and falling asleep regularly, usually in his dinner which has had a terrible knock-on effect to his sleep pattern! However, he has been very determined to make the most of it and seems to have really benefitted from spending more time outside and having a bit more freedom. At the start of the week, I made an effort to try and ‘tidy up’ my overgrown garden. It was in a dreadful state having not been touched since my husband injured his spine in 2010. As he is still recovering from his surgery, I tried to do the majority of the weeding and raking myself which was easier said than done with Thurston around. Being the little diva that he is, if I am in the garden at the same time as Thurston, I must permanently be watching and cheering everything he does. Focussing my attention on the gardening instead was unacceptable, which I found out in no uncertain terms when I was whacked over the head from behind with a baking tray. I have learnt the lesson that gardening is only doable with 2 adults. One to weed, and one to be the audience member for Thurston’s live performance.

Having tidied the garden, it seemed logical to play in it and so I invited over an old friend from my teenage years and her adorable 3 year old and twin toddlers. We blew up a massive paddling pool and got their swimming cossies out, plastered on the SPF50 and were actually able to sit and drink tea and have a catch up whilst the kids splashed and played. It is so unusual for Thurston to take to people that instantly and the 6 kids played beautifully together. Being a little water baby, Thurston wasn’t in the least bit bothered about being splashed or realistically, drenched by the other kids. In fact, he was one of the main offenders!! I made a pick n mix lunch of french stick, grapes, kettle chips, organix and salad, and the kids were all good as gold sharing their lunches. Thurston joined all of the other kids on the sofa to watch Tom & Jerry and he played with a noisy Peppa Pig book with his new buddy. Although every so often he still took time out to lay with his pillow, there was no instance of him snatching or lashing out, or crying even. It was a lovely moment for me to realise how far he has come and the progress he has made with socialising. I’m so so proud of him. It was nice for me too, to spend time with people and not worry about what they would think of Thurston, he was just one kid in the big mix, which was really satisfying.

Of course, as soon as the visitors went home, Thurston spent the rest of the afternoon asleep on his Dinosaur pillow. This gave the boys a window of opportunity to sneak out and buy a laptop with our tax rebate which is very exciting! I now have a computer which will make blogging quite a bit easier! I naturally started to panic at the thought of another sleepless night after he’d had such a long nap, so at 7pm after a lovely dinner, I threw the kids sandals on them and dragged them all off to Margate beach for a sunset beach walk. We drove so that we could get to a beach a bit further away where we were guaranteed there would still be sand as I am notorious for getting the tides timings completely wrong. I’m so pleased we made the effort to go out, even though it was past the kids’ usual bedtime. We spent over an hour playing on the sand. Thurston was so happy jumping in the rock pools or ‘muddy puddles’ as he called them. He ran and ran and laughed the whole time, especially when his trousers fell down! Louis and Zeke were typical boys and spent their time writing insults about each other in the sand “Zeke smells”, “Louis loves Christians” (!!!). The sea and the sky looked incredible at that time of night and it was really refreshing to let the children just be. It is starting to become a regular thing for us now, to take the children to the beach of an evening and let them just run and wear themselves out. There’s a lovely quality about the beach that puts everything into perspective and reminds you just to enjoy each other and be happy.

I even managed an evening out this week which was brilliant. So that the kids weren’t too jealous, we treated them to dinner at Nando’s beforehand with a couple of our friends. It’s nice to do something with the kids after school when we can, so we don’t get too stuck in a rut. Thurston is very impatient when we go out to eat as he doesn’t understand that food needs to be cooked and cooled before he can eat it, so 6 of us sat there frantically blowing on chips while he barked orders at us all. It’s a good job we all love him!! Despite his outrage, he actually ate his entire meal in super quick time and enjoyed the chicken even though it had no breadcrumb coating. Usually he would struggle with ‘naked’ chicken, but I think because we had gone for dinner staright from nursery pick-up, he was too hungry to care! He did amazingly well and went to bed no problem for his babysitters which was a relief. The boys tried their luck of course and stayed up a little late, but that’s what babysitters are for. I went with my husband and our friends to see Simon Amstell’s new show “Numb” and had a fantastic time. It was the perfect mix of comedy and hippy philosophy that I love. I went home with a lovely warm feeling and felt determined to always look for the joy in life as Simon Amstell suggested.

Next week is the Jubilee weekend, and the children have 1-2 weeks off school so I am looking forward to being outside even more and watching what lovely little boys they are becoming, whilst working on my tan of course!

Thanks for reading

Hanj x


3 thoughts on “Sun, sea, sand and splash

  1. If I was you, I’d be locking those baking trays away!!! Wish I still lived beside the seaside – out on sand in the evening must be fab. Love the blog, found you from Britmums; hope you’ll pop over and read mine – sure we can share some funny stories 🙂

  2. Lovely story. I’ve just found your blog through BritMums. My Son has Asperger’s He’s 11 now, but I can remember how pleased I felt when he was a toddler if he just managed to interact with other children. Please have a read of my blog. x

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