It is June already and that means that in a couple of weeks Thurston turns 4 years old. I know everyone says they can’t believe how fast time flies with their little ones, but it’s so true. I still cradle Thurston in my arms to get him to sleep, just like I did when he was a baby, and sometimes it feels like only 4 weeks ago that he was a newborn with a mop of jet black hair instead of a school-age boy with a head of blonde waves.

He’s certainly kept me on my toes this week and I’m fairly shattered! The sleep pattern really is all over the place at the moment as it is so humid and uncomfortable. The current pattern seems to be: Thurston finishes nursery, falls asleep for 5 minutes in Alex’s car, comes home, falls asleep in his dinner until about 6pm then stays awake and won’t go back to sleep til 9pm ish then is up several times a night before finally getting up for the day at 5am. I’m not a fan. Sometimes he will also nap on the way to nursery when I walk him there in his buggy, but more often than not now, he will sit and look through a Peppa Pig book. I love watching him look through a book, as it’s another milestone that I was looking forward to. He looks so serious and thoughtful while he looks at his little storybook, it makes my heart melt.

Another problem caused by the hot weather is that Thurston is covered in a bumpy rash all of the time. I’m not sure if it is a heat rash or a reaction to sunscreen but it’s a shame because I don’t think there’s a lot I can do about it. I kept him home from nursery for a day in case it was a virus and although he slept all afternoon, I don’t think he was poorly, so I will have to just treat the rash instead. A day later there was a bit of relief with a great big thunderstorm. As with all types of wet weather, Thurston was absolutely thrilled! I kept him indoors as it was a full-on thunder and lightning, walls of water, tropical storm, but he would have been in his element if I’d have put his wellies on him and flung him outdoors!! My 8 year old was not at all impressed by the thunderstorm and to be honest, was a bit scared. Thurston on the other hand (along with his other brother) cheered and shouted “hooray” everytime the thunder cracked in the sky! He really does love the rain!

We were due to start a course of Speech Therapy this week with a new Speech Therapist but she was unwell and had to cancel which was a bit of a shame as Thurston was looking forward to it. Hopefully Thurston will be able to make this week’s appointment instead. I’m itching to know what he makes of the new lady! Since we had an unexpected Thurston-free afternoon, Alex & I went shopping for his birthday presents. I always find his birthdays a little bit bittersweet and emotional, so I had been putting off birthday shopping. Birthdays are a bit tricky because obviously it’s lovely to celebrate Thurston and all of his amazing achievements, but it can be hard to be reminded of his age and how far behind he is. Since childhood milestones are generally measured by age, it tends to make birthdays somewhat of a sore point for anyone who’s kid is delayed developmentally. This year is a bit harder even, because Thurston is starting school in September which is obviously really nerve-wracking for me, and looking at all the other children who are about to start school, I just can’t quite see how Thurston is going to fit in. We’ve got a meeting scheduled in for July so I will start a list of questions for that and then hopefully I will feel better. After moping for 10 minutes in the car about how I don’t really like birthdays, Alex made me snap out of it and we went and bought him a car load of presents that I’m really pleased with. I can’t wait for his birthday now, he’s got one surprise in particular that I know is going to make him so happy!

With the Jubilee this week, I’ve been very busy making sure everyone had their Jubilee costumes and party food sorted for school parties and picnics. Thurston’s nursery had a Jubilee picnic (though I found out Thurston had less of a picnic and opted for a relay race with his 1-to-1 instead!). There was a “Futuristic” theme so Thurston went in his Wall-E costume which was ridiculously cute! He looked amazing and was really happy coming home with his Jubilee medal and crown, or “queen” as he called it!

Speaking of Thurston’s ‘alternative’ language, I was slightly red-faced when I took the kids to the park this week. As it happens, Thurston cannot pronounce ‘park’, so when we got there he shouted “big cock, I love big cock”!! Brilliant. The other mums looked slightly concerned, but I couldn’t stop laughing which I’m sure annoyed them even more! Even when I picked him up to leave he carried on “more cock, more cock please”!!

We went out after the park for a big lunch at Chiquito’s. We’ve taken the kids there before several times, but Thurston’s usually only had fries or most times, has been asleep so we hadn’t ordered off the menu for him before. I usually check the allergy information of a restaurant before we go but as it was an impromptu visit, I hadn’t done my research. Alex pointed out that it said on the menu just to ask if you had any queries about allergies so we assumed they knew what they were talking about. When the waiter arrived I asked him if there was any dairy in the chicken bites. He shrugged, screwed up his face and said “what in chicken bites? Doubt it” and didn’t move. I guess I was supposed to base my decision on whether or not to risk Thurston throwing up for 24 hours on this detailed information, but much to his annoyance we made him go back to the kitchen to double check. It just goes to show that some restaurants really need to work on their allergy policies. They are dicing with peoples’ health and it’s really dangerous. I won’t be going back to Chiquitos, I will stick to places who make food fresh so that they can leave out ingredients where possible and they know exactly what goes into it. The best places I have found so far are mostly small, independant places as they know precisely what ingredients they have used and are really helpful. Also, Wagamamas has a pristine allergy policy and everything is made fresh to order.

We’ve just got back from our first time taking the children to Ikea for a day out. We had lots of grand plans for beach walks and al fresco dining this weekend but the rain has pretty much wiped it all out. So we decided to take a little road trip on the spur of the moment. The kids did very well in the car, mostly thanks to The Muppets Movie soundtrack. Thurston was absolutely fascinated by Ikea, especially the showroom with all the little lounges, bedrooms and kitchens. Mind you, he raced through them at such high speed that it wasn’t exactly the leisurely Sunday I had envisaged. He looked so happy that he was allowed to open and shut all the cupboard and drawers and climb on all the sofas! He also ploughed his way through yet another portion of chips and then chose a little blue plastic armchair to take home. Zeke chose a lovely storybook about vegetables (which is the only kind of story he really likes) and Louis got a desklamp to do his work under. All in all, I think it was a success. I’m not really in a hurry to do it again though, I need a great big Nap!

Thanks for reading

Hanj x


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