Yesterday was Thurston’s birthday and he is now an unbelievable 4 years old already. Birthdays tend to make me very nostalgic and sentimental, so I was planning a misty-eyed tearjerker of a blog. However, he has been an absolute pain in the backside all day and so I have abandoned my complimentary blog in favour of telling the truth! I will however interject with lovely pictures of the week so you can see that he is 99.9% adorable and I love him 100% of the time!!

It has been a particularly busy week and we have been doing lots of things that are different to usual so I am sure that he is just overtired and cranky but he really has been pushing all of my buttons today. Combined with the fact that I have now barely slept for a week and there is no food in the house (I had mozzarella pearls, smoked mackerel and lemon cous cous for lunch, and egg, spinach and lean bacon for dinner!) and I can safely say my patience has left the building.

I have a theory about Thurston and his wacky behaviour though. I think that in general Thurston is approximately 2 years delayed developmentally, which would mean that now at the age of 4, we are finally heading into the terrible 2’s! Looking back on the morning I spent/endured with him, it was very similar to the same bedraggled feeling I had with my other tiny toddlers. It got to 1.30pm when I realised I hadn’t had breakfast or brushed my hair (despite having done 2 school runs, sorry kids). The curtains had been pulled down off the track, the floor was covered in DVDs and the shelves were bare. Marmite toast was stuck down the back of the sofa. I made him a bottle of formula but he didn’t like the colour of the lid and repeatedly screamed “MILK MILK MILK…”. He followed me to the kitchen, saw me tip the formula into an ‘appropriately’ coloured bottle, then screamed again “NO MILK, GO IN KITCHEN”. He then watched as I made an entirely new batch of formula (uncontaminated by the blue-lidded evil bottle). He lay on his pillow, drank the milk and then started all over again “BISCUIT BISCUIT”.

By 12.15pm, Grandma had arrived to take him to nursery as the weather wasn’t really great for walking. Thurston had ignored his lunch for half an hour because he was too busy making me replay the same episode of “Ooglies” off of the Sky + planner, despite the fact that I bought him an entire “Ooglies” DVD for his birthday yesterday. I decided that he obviously didn’t need lunch and so I tried to get him into his nursery uniform. However, Thurston has a frustrating (yet impressive) party trick of relaxing all of the muscles in his body and going completely floppy. When you add that to the fact that he is double-jointed and bends in whatever direction you move him, it was basically like dressing a fish. Once dressed, he obviously fancied his lunch, which due to his weird mood was a plate of Frazzles, so he went to nursery covered in orange streaks all over his shirt, marvellous. Even as he was leaving, he tried to dump Grandma in favour of going home with one of the neighbours. I am told that all the way to nursery he chanted “Thurston is a nightmare, Thurston is a nightmare”, so maybe I didn’t keep my opinions to myself very well this morning.

He was a beast at nursery too and got in trouble for throwing toys and not sharing. It’s probably unreasonable, but I am always secretly pleased when he plays up for other people because at least then people know I’m not exaggerating! When he got home, he was still pretty grim and spent a good 5 minutes headbutting me in the a**e while I chatted on the phone! That’ll teach me to think I can talk to someone else!! I did manage to briefly cheer him up by letting him sit on the kitchen counter wearing my free sunglasses from Cosmo and a colander as a hat, so I was pleased with that.

Between us, we managed to get some food in him and dunk him in the tub and he did eventually fall asleep, so things are quiet for now. So that was the first day of Thurston being 4. I am keeping everything firmly crossed that he just got out the wrong side of bed this morning (ie. last night) and that tomorrow he will resume to being an adorable little elf!!

Thanks for reading

Hanj x


4 thoughts on “4

  1. Hee,this did make me chuckle he was def on one that for sure,5 times he climbed on a chair every time I took him down he glanced sideways grinned and did it again!!!!! Maybe just over excitement from his birthday weekend (fingers crossed eh???? :)) Anyway def not just done for you hun,he ran me ragged too!!!!! Hugs Amy xx

    1. He was such a pickle yesterday. He’s bit doing much better today! He got into bed with us at a stupid time, made me cuddle him then poked Alex and said “take a picture, cheese!”
      Enjoy your peaceful afternoon!! Xx

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