Thurston Loves Peppa & George

All of my kids have been huge Peppa Pig fans when they were little, and Thurston is just the same. In fact it’s on the TV while I type this!! Thurston does a really funny piggy snort and has learned all the animal noises from watching the show. It’s such a sweet and endearing programme that even though my other boys are a little older, they don’t mind watching along with him and often end up in giggles (particularly at Grampy Rabbit!).

Paulton’s Park opened a whole world of Peppa Pig in their theme park in Southampton, and we were incredibly fortunate to be given tickets for our family to have a day out there. The drive was about 3 hours from our house so it was easy to do in a day, we just packed up the car and went on an adventure!

As soon as we arrived at Paulton’s Park, we made a beeline for Peppa Pig World and the kids were mesmerised. Thurston genuinely believed that we were stepping into the little piggy town that you see on the TV. Granny and Grandpa Pig’s house was one of the 1st things he spotted, and then he started to look around at all the rides. All the kids were amazed.


We went for the Balloon Ride first of all. There were loads of buggy parks so it was easy to dump that and then hop on a ride. The queues were pretty empty, in fact we didn’t queue for more than 10 minutes for any of the rides, but it was a weekday. As the park is aimed at pre-school children mainly, all the rides are suitable for little ones which meant there was no disappointment. It also meant Louis (8) could ride on a lot of the rides without one of us going with him, which he was very smug about!

Thurston’s favourite ride was Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip which was a very sweet little roundabout of boats that bobbed about in the water. Louis loved George’s Dinosaur Adventure where you hopped on the back of George’s toy dinosaur and galloped around the scenery where there were lots of statues of Peppa’s friends. Zeke loved Daddy Pig’s car ride where the kids drive the adults around a little motorway! There was also Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train and Windy Castle.


Apart from the lovely rides, there was lots of other things to do and see. Thurston was so happy that you could actually go inside Peppa’s house, where there were big models of the family performing a scene from the Pancakes episode. There was a really lovely playground, Mr Potato’s Playground where it was really good for the kids to run off some energy. We were very happy to find a big Gaston the ladybird from Ben & Holly to perch on in the playground! There was a huge indoor play area called George’s Spaceship Playzone. I am not a fan of soft play areas and find them quite stressful, usually because Thurston climbs up things and I have to rescue him in my socks! The Peppa Pig play area was no exception and I had to hike myself up a load of soft play obstacles to retrieve Thurston as he was frozen to the spot! The older children could have easily played all day in there if we had let them though!



Thurston was really exciting when Peppa and George came out to meet all the children and he stroked both of them and shook their hands, and couldn’t stop beaming with smiles while they danced around!


The highlight of the day for Thurston and us was the wet playground Muddy Puddles. I had heard about the wet play before I went and so I had packed a 2nd set of clothes for each kid because I know how carried away Thurston gets with water play! I had still underestimated the wet area though and was expecting a light sprinkling of water. I was wrong! It was a tidal wave of water being bombarded at the kids, with extra inches of water on the ground to splash about in. Thurston is not shy when it comes to water and was utterly drenched within seconds. It was all worth it for the blissful grin on his face!

Peppa Pig World is really geared around very small toddlers and children which actually makes it ideal for children with Autism. All of the playgrounds are self contained so the children are easy to keep a watchful eye on. None of the rides are scary at all, and for some of them I didn’t even have to have Thurston on my lap which he was really pleased about. Whilst the Peppa Pig music on the loud speakers may get on your nerves, the repetitive and recognisable songs from the show were really reassuring for Thurston and kept him calm. All of the rides were fairly short which meant that the queues were also fairly short.

Our whole family had an amazing time at Peppa Pig World and we were really lucky to get the chance to go. It’s a really brilliant park!

Thanks for reading

Hanj x



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