Sweet Little Bird

I am very fussy about children’s clothes and as my older 2 are 10 and nearly 8 years old, they do not let me have a lot of say in what they wear anymore! Their clothes tend to be dictated more by what all their friends are wearing and they have a couple of items that they wear all the time and are reluctant to try new things. My eldest is particularly fond of his 90’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air t shirt and my middle son has some very strange ideas of what pieces from his wardrobe make a good outfit!


Thurston can be incredibly fussy about his clothes too. Often it is out of habit, he is very attached to a pair of very unflattering trousers he calls “the black trousers” which are more like grey elasticated, cuff-hemmed jeans, awful! Some of it is to do with sensory issues and he loves to have bare arms in the winter and long sleeves in the summer months!


Lately, Thurston has been a lot more experimental with his clothes and will rifle through his and his brothers’ wardrobes as well as the dressing up box and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to try new bits on him.
With the addition of Indigo, the only girl, to our family, clothes shopping for the kids has become a bit more exciting again! Not only can I shop from the boys and girls sections now but she has no say in what she wears for now so the pleasure is all mine!!




My absolute favourite kidswear range is Jools Oliver's Little Bird for Mothercare. It is currently only available in sizes for my younger 2 children and it is absolutely irresistable. Every piece in the collection is so special and the little details included in the items show you how much thought Jools puts into her designs.
There is a retro, nostalgic feel to the range which I love. Rainbows, toadstools and fawns feature heavily and give the clothes an enchanting feel.



If I was to imagine how I wanted to dress my kids then the Little Bird range is it. They are clothes very much designed for children to be children. They are comfortable and easily washable. They don't make little boys look like mini-men, and the girls clothes are not overly pink and frilly.




This range is so sweet, Indigo and Thurston always look adorable in it and it is completely affordable too. As it is sold in Mothercare, there are often discounts or offers you can look out for to make it even easier to buy!
We absolutely adore Little Bird and cannot wait to see what Jools has in store for Autumn/Winter 2014!
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2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Bird

  1. Hi…….i love going through your blogs…..i first came across it on Kate’s FB wall and have been a regular reader since then…..:-D

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