My older boys Louis and Zeke typically hate to do homework. They will whinge, cry, sulk, shout and actually hide away to try and get out of doing it. They don’t out any effort in and just get worse and worse if Alex or I try to get involved and help them. It’s an ongoing issue!

When Thurston started school, I was naturally worried that he would have the same allergy to homework as his brothers. I was especially concerned because he doesn’t sleep much and it’s a long day at school so I didn’t expect him to want to continue with school work when he got home. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nothing perks Thurston up like opening up that school book bag!!

He loves the familiarity of doing a spot of homework. The routine of doing his work and the calmness of sitting down at the table to do a task really make him happy.

The one thing Thurston loves above all is reading. I remember when Thurston was over 2 worrying that he would never learn to speak let alone read. Yet somehow he has turned out to be a fantastic reader. He didn’t do so well learning to read phonetically and he seems to have mostly taught himself through photographic memory. However he managed it, he is 3rd in his (mainstream) class and enjoys nothing more than reading a book.

He is a big fan of The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and loves I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato from the Charlie & Lola range by Lauren Child.
Above all, he is besotted with the classic Biff, Chip and Kipper books from the Oxford Reading Tree. I can even remember these from my own childhood!

His 1:1 assistant at school told me how much he loved to read this series and every so often I will buy him one as a treat. My mum and sister have also bought him a few so he has his own little selection of them at home now. Having some of his own has meant that he doesn’t get too attached to his school books and so he can carry on moving through the levels.
The books really help with his imagination and he finds them very comforting. We took them on holiday with us and they helped to cocoon him from the stresses around him when he was having a bad day.


He will fall asleep reading them and even sat in the rain reading one which we have been drying on top of the tumble drier for a couple of days now, it’s turned out a bit crispy.


We lost track of him for a few minutes recently at a wedding only to find him in a marquee with some old ladies reading “Gran” to them!

It’s amazing how much these simple books give him so much happiness. They are definitely Thurston’s firm favourites!!


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