Eat Me!

We’ve been weaning Indigo since she was 6 months. To start with we did the traditional purée way and she became bored fairly quickly. I would always just give her a piece of whatever I was eating to chew on, as long as it was appropriate. She seemed to enjoy that more and more and by 12 months, we generally just gave her the same as what we ate, with the odd purée here and there.

oxotot 2
As she has become more independent, I have tried to make sure I give her a plate with a selection of foods, and recently I’ve introduced cutlery too! The Oxo Tot Divided Plate is great for this stage of weaning. It means Indigo can have a little bit of everything and pick and choose what she wants to eat. It also helps me to work out what is a good portion size for her! She has been loving this plate and I’ve noticed a real difference in her eating at mealtimes. If I give her a normal plate she will throw it on the floor almost immediately but with the divided plate, she seems to enjoy investigating what is in each compartment!
We also have the Oxo Tot Fork & Spoon Set. For now, Indigo has just been playing around with the cutlery but I know that eventually that is how she will learn to use it properly. It’s lovely and chunky and curved to sit in little chubby hands!

oxotot5oxotot 3
One of the hurdles that we are still struggling with Thurston is his ability to drink from cups. He doesn’t have a very strong suck or swallow and so cups have always been an issue. He has his formula from a baby bottle but he has chewed through the teat so that he doesn’t have to bother sucking! He drinks water from a beaker with a spout but I am keen to move him forward into something a but more grown-up. I had tried to get him to drink from a straw several times before but he always tipped the cup upwards and covered himself in water and then would get very angry!!
I gave him the Oxo Tot Twist Top Water Bottle and left him to it. I didn’t really expect much but when I returned from the kitchen he had already mastered it!! The safety of having the lid attached to the cup meant that when he tipped the cup it didn’t spill, which gave him the time to realise that he had to suck through the straw. He drank the entire cup full with no problem. You can twist the top of the cup hiding the straw away meaning it’s perfect for travelling with as it won’t spill!


oxo tot1
I love this range, it’s so scientific looking and easy to use. I am so thrilled that I have finally found a decent cup for Thurston to use and I’m going to get a spare one for when he goes back to school in September!!


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