Bright Nights

Sometimes I have an idea in my head for something I want the kids to wear and it simply doesn’t exist. When Thurston was a toddler I wanted him to have bandana bibs but they were nowhere to be found, and now that we no longer need them I have seen them popping up everywhere! For a long time, I have wanted slim fitting pyjamas but they were equally difficult to come by, but I’ve finally found some that are exactly as I pictured them and I want to share them with everyone!!


My boys are all on the ‘skinny’ side and traditional pyjamas just swamped them. They’d end up wrapped and tangled in all that hot flannelette material during the night and would end up very hot and uncomfortable. Because Thurston suffered with febrile convulsions I was always very conscious of keeping him cool at night, so I kept him in sleepsuits for as long as possible as they were usually 100% cotton. When it came to buying pyjamas for him, a lot of the high street ones are covered in gaudy cartoon characters attached with that plastic transfer type stuff which causes sweaty nights!

I ordered Indigo a sleepsuit from The Bright Company after finding them on Instagram. It was on sale at £10 and was such a glorious mix of bright colours and pattern. It looked absolutely adorable on her and we had a lot of compliments on it. She has worn it during the day as it is so cute that it easily passes for daywear. It is one of the only sleepsuits that I’ve found true-to-size, no dangling legs to trip over, and the cuffs fold over neatly so her arms aren’t caught up in the sleeves.


Soon afterwards, I ordered Thurston and Indigo some pyjamas. The pyjamas are just what I’ve been looking for. I got the Slim Jyms on sale for £16 and they are amazing quality. The cotton interlock jersey fabric is nice and stretchy so they never lose their shape. The patterns are all completely unisex and mix n match.


I’ve also bought him some Short Jyms on sale at £14 which are so nice and cool for Summer nights, and if you’re having a lazy day they could easily pass for t-shirt and shorts!



There are some gorgeous new colours and patterns for Autumn/Winter 2014 and I can’t wait to get Thurston and Indigo a set of the Mint & Teal and Steel Slim Jyms. I’d also love to indulge in some of the bedding for Thurston, if it’s as soft as the pjs it must be amazingly snug!

I was feeling a bit sad about Indigo growing out of sleepsuits and leaving that piece of babyhood behind her but she looks so snuggly and sweet in these pyjamas that I’m not even bothered now!!


The Bright Company are such a lovely company, the pyjamas are all handmade in the UK. They often have discounts and competitions over on Instagram too! There is a rumour that they will be going up to older sizes at the end of 2015, so I’m hoping I can get all of my 4 in a set next year! Until then, Louis and Zeke will have to suffice with their dads’ old band t shirts!!



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