Tough week

This week has been one of those weeks where everything has been hard or gone badly. I knew it had the potential to go badly because several appointments and important dates in one week rarely ends well.
Firstly, Thurston’s DLA renewal was due so I had the unenviable task of completing the application. The Disability Living Allowance forms are notoriously gruelling. Luckily they only have to be filled in every five years, any more than that and I would have a breakdown. There are 70 questions in total, 2/3rds of which require some kind of essay about your child’s needs. The way I was taught by our case worker to answer these questions was to ‘answer based on Thurston having his worst day’ and to include nothing positive about him. This goes against every mothering instinct I have, I basically spent 4 days writing a book about how rubbish my kid is! It also reminds me of just how many issues Thurston has, some of them I often forget because I am so used to adapting our life around him. When you write it down coldly and factually, it’s much harder to ignore. The form actually couldn’t contain all the information it asked for and I had to supplement with 7 pages of extra information and at least 30 pages of Doctor’s/educational reports. It’s finished now, it’s in the post and I’m done with it! I feel like a cloud has been lifted!

On Monday, we received our secondary school allocation for Louis and he was given his 3rd choice. I’ve honestly never seen him so sad, it was so hard for him. We moved a bit further away from his primary school so that Thurston could be closer to his school which has obviously put Louis at a disadvantage for getting into the school of his choice. I feel so guilty that I’ve helped one of my kids and upset another at the same time. I always assumed they would all go to the same school and go to secondary school with all their friends and the reality is turning out to be much more complicated. At first Louis was desperate for me to appeal and we still have the option to do so. However I am starting to see some real positives in going to the school he was offered and I’m not sure appealing is the best choice. He is a really personable boy and has amazing initiative and ambition and he will do well wherever he goes. The new school is a 5 minute walk away so my mum-nerves would be a lot happier with that walk by himself as opposed to getting the bus!! Why are these decisions so hard?!

Thurston had a couple of appointments this week. The first was a catch up with the bladder and bowel nurse which Alex took him to. I don’t usually miss appointments but it had only been a month since we saw her last and I had booked onto a dance class that I really didn’t want to miss. We spent a couple of days monitoring Thurston’s wees and poos and it actually showed up some surprises and helped the nurse put a better plan together.

The second appointment was at the Orthoptics clinic at the hospital. Since Thurston isn’t great at standard eye tests as he doesn’t understand the questions, he was due to have a test where they put drops in his eyes first. I was already nervous about this as I knew he wasn’t going to react well, especially since it’s only been a couple of weeks since we were at the hospital with him for blood tests! Over the course of this week, I’ve noticed a sore patch on his eyeball. I thought it was bloodshot or scratched but it does look nasty. It seemed like perfect timing with the eye appointment coming up so we went along to see what they made of it. The Junior doctor had no idea what it was and called in the Opthalmologist who was equally baffled and managed to get us in to see a consultant. She couldn’t get him to cooperate much (and he kept putting his feet up on her desk and telling her she had a funny voice!) but she said it is definitely a lump. They will need to do a proper examination to try and find out what the lump is and there was a lot of whispering which never fills you with hope. Apparently it is very rare for a lump on the White of the eye to be so red and inflamed. We are being booked in with a specialist as soon as there’s an opening. Also they’ve had to rebook the eye test as they couldn’t put drops into the lumpy eye!!

I was so relieved to see the end of Friday, we’ve done nothing this weekend and it’s felt amazing. Zeke and I baked baked biscuits, Thurston has organised his Mr Men collection, Louis has been reading his school prospectus and catching up on the Great British Bake Off! Indigo is finally starting to say a couple of words, they are all equally useless: “Duggie”, “wow” and “shoe” are her favourites!

This week looks to be a lot happier and Louis turns 11 on Thursday so hopefully we’ve got through our tough week relatively unscathed!!

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3 thoughts on “Tough week

  1. I love the honesty of your posts and how you say it how it is! Well done you for enduring this week, getting through and keep on being an amazing mum. I can’t imagine how stressful and sad you must have felt to have to write all of that stuff, I remember when I was pregnant last time round when we received a really bad diagnosis and talking about it never seemed as bad as when we would read it written down and so matter of fact!


  2. I am sorry you have had a tough week- it doesn’t sound a fun one at all, especially the paperwork side, I had no idea it was that in depth. Here is to a happier week next week for you all. Happy Birthday to Louis for Thursday! 🙂

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