Eleven things

I have been a bit absent from the blog lately as life has been very hectic. I’m also struggling with some major decisions and I kinda don’t want to post anything until I’ve sorted out my thoughts!!! My friend Nicki at http://www.onthechangingmat.co.uk tagged me in this blog trail and I thought it would be nice to take part! I haven’t tagged anyone else because I mainly read my friends blogs, and Alex’s!! I love reading these though!! 

1. Would you consider yourself to be a tidy person or a messy person? 

I am a tidy person who is constantly browbeaten by living with messy children. Normal kid mess is one thing but my youngest son loves to smash food into every crevice in the house. He also likes to arrange his ‘collections’ in very inconvenient places and then screams bloody murder if I move them at all. I cannot relax in a messy house!

2. Would you consider yourself to be a hoarder? 

I am absolutely not a hoarder. I have only a handful of things from childhood: teddy, nighty, diary. I don’t feel sentimental towards items like clothing, tickets etc. I don’t even wear my wedding ring! If it was up to me, we would have a lot less belongings but I am up against 5 other people who love to hang on to things. When we have a clearout, which is about every 6 weeks, I am as ruthless as possible and try to explain to the children that someone else needs these things more than they do!

3. Would you consider yourself to be career driven?

I am not career driven at all. I have no career ambitions. Before children I loved working and I worked up until I had my third child, but once it was found he had special needs, I just couldn’t bear to leave him so I’ve been home full time ever since! If pushed to choose, I would love to be a writer but to be honest I love being a housewife despite that not being a very exciting answer! I love taking care of my family and putting everything I have and every minute of my day into making them happy. 

4. What book or book are you reading at the moment?

I am currently reading a collection of short stories by Miranda July called No One Belongs Here More Than You. It’s really sweet, I like her writing style a lot. 

5. What are the 5 most recent websites you’ve visited?

Center Parcs (that’s where we are off to tomorrow)

Simon Amstell’s website (trying to decide wether to buy tickets to his last UK show of the tour!)

Cerebra (looking into a new parent autism course)

Gap (a spot of shopping!!)

Amy & Ivor (daydreaming over what shoes to buy next for indigo!)

6. What was the last thing you bought?

It was a dress from sainsburys! I was looking at it at the same time as an old lady which would usually put me off but she was so cool, I decided to go for it!

7. What are your thoughts on exercise? Do you do it? Are you a regular do-er?

I have very good intentions and always get thrown off course by general life. I got into a really good routine recently of going to 3 dance/pilates classes per week. Then it was half term, Indi’s birthday, someone was ill etc and it’s all gone wrong! I’m going to get back on it after our holiday though because I hadn’t realised how much it was helping my anxiety. 

8. What’s your favourite smell?

Fresh coffee grounds

9. How does a typical day go?

It can start anywhere from 11pm the previous night to 5.30am in the morning. Thurston gets me up. He has formula then he has a list of demands or topics to chat about. I try to drift in and out of sleep until it seems like there’s no going back! We do breakfast and get the kids sorted for school, Alex takes the boys at 8.20 then I take Thurston (when he lets me, other times he will go in the car with Alex) at 8.30. Indigo and I do housework all morning and then we play in the afternoon before we pick Thurston up at 3.10. We all have a snack/coffee together at home and do whatever anyone wants to do. Sometimes Louis and Zeke have clubs after school (Spanish, movie & animation, Shakespeare!). We eat dinner all together at the table at 6 and the kids go down at 7.30-8pm after stories and Emmerdale for Thurston!! 

10. When did you start your blog and why?

I started my blog a few years ago as I couldn’t find any other sites where autism was talked about in a way I understood. With several kids, it’s hard for me to talk long enough to get my feelings out. With the blog, I can dump it all at once and my family and friends can read it at leisure. 

11. What are your nails like right now?

Natural! I’ve never had a manicure in my life!

  Thank you for tagging me nicki, this was really fun!


One thought on “Eleven things

  1. Yay, thank you for playing Hannah! Loved your answers. Have an amazing time at Centre Parcs, and I wish I could be as ruthless as you when it comes to belongings – my borderline hoarding drives Ruari (and me) insane! Loads of love xx

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